Parks in North Surrey

Parks in Surrey

A.H.P. Matthew Park

A wide park with playground and picnic areas where you can enjoy your leisure time with your family and friends. It also features a soccer and a baseball field.

Betty Huff Park

The park is located near Betty Huff Park. It is very ideal for relaxing as it has a lot of walking paths and open green areas. It has a playground where children can come along and play.

Bear Creek Heights Park

The park was established through the neighbouring subdivision. You will find a lot of kids playing in the park.

Bridgeview Park

It has a wide range of amenities including pools, playground picnic area and water parks. It has a lot of walking paths and some sports fields like basketball court and baseball court areas.

Evergreen Park

The park was dedicated to Surrey as part of the subdivision along the neighbourhoods. Though it has limited road access and pathways, the park serves for planning practices well.