An Overview Of The City Of Surrey, BC

Surrey, BC is one of the youngest and fastest growing cities in Canada, boasting a strategic location in the cross roads of the Greater Vancouver, Pacific Rim and the USA. Hence, the city offers amazing opportunities for transportation of services and goods around the world. Incorporated in 1879, Surrey was officially declared a city in September 1993, and since then there have been remarkable changes that have taken the city to incredible heights.

With a rich history and diverse ethnic backgrounds, the city of Surrey has a lot to offer to those who are hoping to settle here or planning to visit the place. So, whether you are planning a move to this ever growing Canadian city or you simply wish to visit this place on your weekend, here are a few things that make this city truly amazing!

Breathtaking natural parks and hiking trails:

The city is dotted with numerous natural parks and hiking trails to offer lots of entertainment options for the outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are seeking an eco-tourism experience, a day out with kids at the zoos and parks, or some leisure hours by the lake, Surrey has them all! From breathtaking coastal landscapes to lush green urban forests, the city boasts an amazing network of parks and trails.

Eat and drink in Surrey, BC:

It won’t be wrong to call Survey a food lover’s paradise as the agricultural heritage of the region gives lots to explore. You can experience sampling the local food and beverages at the various urban fine dining spots in the city that boasts a relaxed environment. The city is also home to various wineries/breweries for those who are simply passionate about their glass of wine!

World class adventures in Surrey:

When you are in Surrey, get ready to experience world-class adventures. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and explore in the city! From day trips to the art galleries, heritage centers and museums to teeing a ball at one of the most picturesque golf courses in the city, there’s no dearth of exciting things to do in Surrey. There are also various sophisticated shopping centers to lure the shopaholic in you!

Surrey offers world class amenities, outdoor fun, and urban adventures while retaining its old world charm, and that’s what makes the city truly enthralling. Whether you a planning a short trip or a long vacation to Surrey, BC, you are sure to enjoy an unforgettable experience!

Three Ways Physiotherapy Can Help You Improve Quality Of Life

Believe it or not, we are all into modern lifestyle habits, and sooner or later this is going to take a toll on our physical health. If you have been complaining about neck strains, back pain, knee pain and sleeplessness lately then this is a sign that you are not taking good care of yourself. Unfortunately, we fail to realize the important of leading a healthy lifestyle until it’s too late. Instead, we blame our work or relationships for the physical and mental stress we experience every day.

We usually do not consider physiotherapy unless otherwise prescribed by our general physician. However, physiotherapy has an amazing healing power that is often underestimated as these alternative treatment methods are not popular. If you are wondering how and when it can help you, here are three ways Pure Life Physiotherapy, an innovative healing centre in Surrey, BC can improve your quality of life.

#1 Pre and post an important surgery

If you are about to undergo a cardiac or chest surgery, then there are several types of complications involved. To prepare for the surgery and improve the quality of life post surgery, you can seek help from a physiotherapist at Pure Life, Surrey, BC. He will explain what exercises should be performed post the surgery to recover faster. Those who are undergoing cardiac or chest surgery will be taught how to cough properly without stressing the wound site.

#2 During and post pregnancy period

Pregnancy is an important period when your body undergoes a lot of change; hence it requires more attention than ever before. The upheaval of hormones within the body softens the ligaments and causes them to stretch. As the baby grows and develops inside you, the stomach and pelvic floor also get stretched.  At Pure Life Physiotherapy, they will tell you about techniques and exercises to support your body during this phase. A physiotherapist will help you get back your pre-pregnancy fitness faster after the birth of your baby.

#3 A neurological disease or chronic condition

You will agree that many of us silently suffer from chronic health conditions mainly due to neglect on our part and this leads to aggravating the problem. If you are living with a chronic health condition, you can seek help from Pure Life Physiotherapy to help you lead a healthier life. In acute health conditions when a patient is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, stroke or spinal cord injuries, physiotherapy cannot heal the disease, but it can definitely improve the quality of life.

Pure Life Physiotherapy & Health Centre also has a secondary location that includes a gym and yoga facilities. Both of these centres are located in our Surrey.